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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Drama Mama | Glass Bead Focal

dramatic glass bead glass bead focal

I am endlessly fascinated with this glass that is so moody and presents endless colors in the flame. Lovingly cased with crystal clear. 65 mm hole to hole – Please see photo of indoor lighting as this bead is much darker with indoor lighting! I have done my best to represent the colors correctly presenting the darker indoor version as well as the dramatic outdoor version!


Unearthly Flower | Focal Glass Bead

This bead makes me think of flowers from another planet… Swirling colors from a silver rich glass raked into a free form flower. $16.00

Ether Bicone | Lampwork Glass Bead

Ether bicone glass bead lampwork Ether lampwork glass bead

Gorgeous black bicone with a ring of silver – rich Double Helix glass, carefully reduced and cased to yield a rainbow of colors! You’ll find blue, green and even shades of yellow and pink in this beauty! 36 mm hole to hole x 18 mm wide $13

Ether glass bead bicone

Tie Dyed | Focal Lampwork Bead

Tie Dye – Blue, lavender, olive, a dash of red, yellow and peach in a long skinny $13.00 52 mm long x 10 mm wide.

Elegant Beauty | Lampwork Focal Bead

This was a color test and I wasn’t certain I liked it at all…until I took it out of the kiln and saw all the pretty colors! Wow! You can bet I’ll be playing with this combo again! 35 mm hole to hole x 28 mm wide. $10

Earth | Glass Bead Set

I love this set…more from the “What? Was I drinking?” series… Lots of blues and teals and creamy yellow greens. Five round beads: 2 smooth: 2 x 11, 3 ribbed: 2 x 15 mm & 1 x 14 mm $15.00

Sunny | Dichroic Glass Lentil Bead

I actually made this for me… thinking it would be a nice focal for a kumihimo necklace.  After months of looking at it in my bead bowl, it’s time to let it go…  37 mm hole to hole  x 40 mm (1.5″) This is a nice LARGE bead. Lots of silver rich glasses, reduced and heavily encased to capture that shine and mother-of-pearl look on both sides. A swath of crinkle dichroic is down the center and a colorful sunflower wrapped around one side, blue aventurine was used for the spiral. Spirals are a symbol of the circle of life or of ‘home” and are often featured in my work. $38.00

Twisting | Lampwork Mini Focal Bead

A mini focal from a series I’ve been fondly calling “What? Was I drinking??” because of my inability to make any two beads look remotely related… OY! The challenges of beadmaking, eh???

This focal is 23 mm tall x 8.5 mm wide. $9

Rio Ribbed Rounds| Glass Bead Set


This set of Rio Party color beads is now MADE TO ORDER. A color reaction between a rare, no-longer-made glass and two more common highly reactive glasses. There is no predicting how the colors will develop but a riot is pretty much guaranteed! You will find baby blue, purple, lavender, burnt orange, golden yellow and teal in these. I still have a few vials of the precious glass left but when it’s gone… The party will be over!

The five bead set is a smidge under 3″ long. The smaller pair are about 3/8″ and the larger three are around a 1/2″. $27.50 As always you will receive a photo of your actual beads before mailing!

Vitro Bicone | Glass Focal Bead

An End of Day bead in a bicone shape, swirls of vitrograph handpulled cane over ivory. There are a myriad of colors in this bead from a yellow / olive to copper green and teal blues… a lovely mix. Measures 1.5″ long x .5″ at the center of the bicone. See size reference photo below $12.00