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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Tiny Heart on a Tiny Key | Glass Bead Pendant

Tiny Key Heart Glass Bead

This is the most petite key I’ve ever made! 1.7″ tall! … the center circle is the widest point and is 13mm! I used a rich pink / peach frit over the white heart. $13.50

Happy Heart Mini | Glass Bead

This heart is a mini version of my large Happy Heart. 22 mm hole to hole 20 mm. $10.00

Happy Heart | Giant Lampwork Glass Bead

This is a huge HUGE heart and will make a lovely large focal statement for a necklace. It took a long time in the flame! $30.00 Sizes coming…see reference photo below.

Pink on the Inside | Abstract Heart Glass Bead

The inside of this abstract heart shaped bead is created by multiple layers of glass… I was going for orangy pink… but I didn’t like the shape. As often happens with my beads…sometimes they just “want” to be hearts! I started messing with the shape and some of the silvered glass worked its way to the surface. In the end, I think it’s much more spectacular than I envisioned. Swirls of metallic glass with glorious pink peeking through… She’s a beauty!

Measures: 28 mm x 24 mm wide. – $12

Red Swirls | Glass Heart Pendant

Gorgeous red swirls intertwined in glass. Mesmerizing! Measures 51 mm x 36 wide $18.00

Duo Heart – Glass Bead 1

I’ve been pulling pounds of ivory and black stringer for all those glass tiger beads I’ve been working on… and when I have a clump of such gorgeous contrast on the end of my pull rods, I can’t stand to waste it! So I make little hearts. I was struck by how elegant and plain they look and… well, I just could live with that! So I added frit – but ONLY to one side of the bead! So these glass beads have a split personality! One side is understated black and pale ivory, the other will have an explosion of color! Wear whichever side suits your mood!

Duo Split Personality Heart #1 is pink and lavender on the reverse and measures 17 mm wide x 22 mm tall including glass bail. $10.00