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I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Planet | Purple Glass Bead Focal

Planet long glass focal bead
Orphan Glass Focal… I love the colors in this! $18

Glass Buttons On Sale

5/24 – Sent out a new newsletter… and forgot to mention prizes! See blog for details!

I’m not the kinda of girl who is happy making the same bead over and over and over… As a result, I’ve made a lot of one-off really cute buttons over the years and… because they are one of a kind, they rarely sell. So this listing will be the last glass button listing you see from me… I promise, I won’t make any more. ;-)

To buy an individual button, email me using the contact the artist button on the left side of the page. Prices below for singles or… Two for $8, three for $11, four for $14, five  for $17 or… Take them (13 )  all for $29

Wild Blue – 42mm wide! – $6 SOLD!
Witch’s Hat – 28 mm wide x 33 mm tall – $4.5
Angel Wing – Lovely handpulled metallic glass on this button! 23 x 25 mm $8
Red Hat Flower – Red and Purple flower 33 x 38mm – $4.25 SOLD!
Ruffle – 36 x 29mm lots of rich silver glass! – $8 SOLD!
Heart – 29 x 24 x 10 mm thick – $7 SOLD!
Purple – 35 x 31 mm SOLD!
Orange Yellow 16 x 22mm – $4.25
Blue Fish – 43 x 29 x 14 thick – eyes on both sides – $6 SOLD!
Audrey – 40 x 36 mm – $7  SOLD!
Cupcakes – set of three  Details: XL Vanilla w/ Chocolate measures 27 mm tall x 23 mm wide.Chocolate measures 21.1 mm tall x 17.6 mm wide. Vanilla Raspberry measures 24.4 mm tall x 20.5 mm wide.  SOLD!

2 for $8
Which TWO buttons?:


3 for $11
Which THREE Buttons?:


4 for 14
Which FOUR Buttons?:


5 for $17
Which FIVE Buttons?:


Glass Beads on SALE | Extra Large Focals

5/24 - Sent out a new newsletter… and forgot to mention prizes! See blog for details!   About this GLASS BEAD sale: All beads are ONE OF A KIND.  NO REMAKES.

This is a collection of VERY large focals. Pricing on this group is 2 for $25; 3 for $36 ; 4 for $46; 5 for $55. If you want more than five… or need me to hold beads until all sale listings are up, please email me via the contact link on the left side of the page. MORE beads coming soon….

Click on any photo to enlarge…OR right click to open it in a new window. There are multiple pictures of the same bead! Additional shipping charges may apply.

Free beads coupons may not be used on these items unless you are spending at least $25.00 over the actual value of the coupon!

Orange Shell – 65 mm hole to hole (2.56″) x 38 mm wide. Discounted due to bead release sticking to inside of shell but could easily be hidden with pearls / beads $22.00


Blue Green Vessel – Hole runs all the way through.  58 mm bottom hole to top of handle x 33mm wide. $20.00


Purple Vessel  – Hole runs all the way through. 51 mm hoe to hole x 33.4 mm wide. $20.00


Holly Pendant  -Just shy of 4″ long, wrapped with 18 g sterling wire and Swarovski crystals. Bead is 38 mm wide -  $20.00

Iris Hollow -33 mm hole to hole x 42 mm wide – $20.00


Iris Bicone -33 mm x 19 mm – $25.00


Birthday Cake Hollow – The idea was for a hollow birthday cake with baubles inside. Some devit on one set of leaves. Still a gorgeous bead! 26 x 28 mm- $20.00


Silvered Ivory BHB Light -Nice GLASS RING if you have smaller fingers! OD = 26 mm; ID = 15 mm – $18.00


Silvered Ivory BHB Dark  – Nice GLASS RING if you have smaller fingers! OD = 30 mm; ID = 15 mm -  $18.00


Elizabeth – Gorgeous focal with lots of high silver glass! 43 mm x 28 mm -  $22.00


2 for $25
Which TWO beads?:


3 for $36
Which THREE beads?:


4 for $46
Which FOUR beads?:


5 for $55
Which FIVE beads?:


Please do NOT CHANGE the quantity number in your shopping cart… just because you change the number doesn’t mean the bead EXISTS! This sale is for beads in stock ONLY.

OTHER SALE POSTS: Large Focals and sets   Zipper pulls / Cell charms on Sale

Blue Orange | Mini Glass Bead Set

I was testing some frits with this set.  Orange, blue, green and brown over while  Small floralsm mostly melted in on the tab. The tab is 1″ hole to hole and the rounds are 1/2″  $4.99

Earthy Minis | Glass Bead Set

I thought that maybe I should list a few glass beads lest you all forget I make them!  If you are a regular visitor here, you know what a struggle tiny beads are so… this is a RARE set! 5 mini topaz beads, coated in white enamel and brow stringer, each bead is around 5 mm hole to hole (1/16th mandrels). Whole strand is a whopping 1 INCH long!  $4.00

Dragon Tail | Glass Focal Bead

Opal Yellow slim focal glass bead wrapped with a dragon’s tail style cane. The cane was made with lots of rich silver glasses and sparkles as it moves!

Measures 34 mm hole to hole (vertically) x 10 mm around. 1 Bead $9.99

Blue Sparkle Butterfly | Glass Focal Bead

Whimsical butterfly bead in baby blue with sparkling blue aventurine details! The decoration is on BOTH sides of the bead. 23 mm hole to hole (vertically) x 26 mm wide. $8.00



Basket Weave | Glass Bead Focal

I’m trying to make smaller focals… A struggle for a gigantic bead lover like me. ;0)

Rectangular bead, brown basket weave base with lavender flowers and vine cane design. Slightly different on both sides. 20 mm hole to hole x 15mm x 10 mm thick. $4.00

Puppy Love | Big Hole Bead

One of my favorite t-shirts reads: When I look at a paw print, I see an upside down heart with four arms reaching out to love me. This big hole bead features four paw prints…deliberately made to look like hearts. One melted in a little too much, hence it’s bargain price.

$4 – 15 mm x 6mm. Hole is 5.3 mm

Purple Pretties Glass Bead Set

Plain Round spacers and one disk the the most luscious translucent purple. This is a rare glass, no longer available. These match my “Leaves” – White over purple lentil set coming later today.

5 beads $8 rounds are 10 mm hole to hole and the disk is 6 mm