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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Stripes | Glass Bead Set

stripes glass bead sets

Pink, Purple and Teal Stripes. The stripes are actually multi-hued and rather mesmerizing! Large focal (flower on both sides) 36 mm hole to hole x 32 mm wide. Comes with 2 ribbed matching round 15 mm spacers. $22.50

Night Sea | Glass Bead Focal Heart

night sea Heart Glass Bead NightSea_Heart Glass Bead

Full of silver rich glass over a deep black base, this extra large heart is a stunner! 37 mm hole to hole (vertical) X 38 mm wide x 15 mm thick. Shiny gold metallic dot on each side. $28

heart_nightsea_glass beadfocal_Hollysfolly

Drama Papa | Long Skinny Glass Focal

drama papa  dramapapasize

Drama Papa – 79 mm tall! 10 mm wide – yes, made from the same glass as Drama Mama! The two focals would make a REALLY lovely lariat! $25.00


Feathered | Large Lampwork Focal

Looking at this bead, it’s hard to believe I almost water annealed it! I hated it going into the kiln but now, I can’t stop looking at it! It’s stunning! 1 large focal bead in a variety of silvered ivory shades from blue to topaz to teal and green measuring 54 mm x 10 mm. $19.99

Dark Waters | Custom Glass Bead Pendant

These photos are part of a custom order I list beads for custom orders on this page for customers to view and check out.

Total Pendant length 3″. Wrapped with 18g sterling and Swarovski crystals.

SOLD – Remakes Available!


Dark Waters | European Charm Bead Pandora Troll

This bead will add some sparkle and shine to European charm collection! It’s really lovely! $9.

Curved Shoreline | Bent Glass Focal Set

Finally! Another curved bead! I love making these in transparent glass so you can see the texture inside the glass. Teal base with lots of silvered ivory “sand” and waves on the front and little murrini sea shells. I made matching donuts with the same texture inside the glass and boy do they sparkle… it’s almost like using dichroic, the way they catch the light. This set is sure conversation starter!  Focal is 54 mm long (just over 2″) x 11 mm and the hole is a generous 4.7 mm. Donuts 6 mm hole to hole x 12 mm and a 2.7 mm hole. 3 beads.  $30.00

Peacock Seas | Glass Bead Focal

This is one of those simple glass beads that may not appear to have much going for it on first glance… But dig a little deeper and see the world within! A fine sifting of soda was added to one of the layers to create millions of tiny bubbles. The top was “frit cased” with a high-silver reactive glass, creating a shimmer on top of the bead. I promise you, this is a stunner! 32 mm hole to hole x 27 mm wide. $12.00

Nautilus in Teal | Lampwork Focal Bead

I’m still figuring out my new nautilus press…. this one features a high silver teal glass and looks as though the creature is crawling out of the shell a bit… 24 mm hole to hole x 27 mm $12

Isle of Calypso | Glass Bead Set

I actually used these beads to make a rather unusual pendant for an Art Bead Scene competition. It was so unusual, I was certain it would never sell. Yet, I was still fascinated by these beads… the creamy alabastro glasses and the lovely teal blue kicked off by the addition of copper. They’ve been sitting on my desk for ages… I hope you like them as much as I do.

Five bead set – Short Bicone is 18 mm hole to hole x 14 mm. Tiny Spacers are 4mm. $7.99