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I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.


UPDATE: No one votes any more… this page was great when 3-4 regulars voted every day and a few voted a several times a month… But, no one votes or emails… Please like my fan page on facebook… All promos are done there. I have to keep this page active for advertising purposes….


Vote for me and you could win our weekly drawing of free glass beads. Good Luck to all! THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES (and patience)!

The Not-so Fine Print:

Free Beads Gift Certificates / Bead Show Certs:

  • are not valid in the following categories: Accessories, Necklaces, Made to Order, Findings, & Tools.
  • may not be used on any listing newer than one month unless you are spending 50% more than the gift certificate. I have to do this in the interest of keeping a roof over my head.
  • may not be used as part of a sale unless otherwise stated because free beads are FREE and must be redeemed at their full retail value.
  • Winners will be given an certificate # and must check out online. Please allow $3 – $5 for shipping your beads.


$50 Gift Certificate

Please Read the Fine Print Above!

Next drawing is 10/27/12. No one has been voting or pinning… No votes = NO Winners!  I have replaced Top 25 with Pin on Pinterest… I so appreciate you all helping me spread the word on my beads!

Again, THANK YOU all from the heart of my bottom!

Those of you who vote and don’t email, thank you too! I know you’re there…. đŸ˜‰

Gift Certificate Holders, please note: I am moving more and more beads to Etsy, hoping for sales and more attention for my work. Gift certificates are not valid there. If you see something here you like, let me know so I can hold it for you. I will hold beads for up to one month.

August / September: NO Voters / No winners!

July : Deanna S.

June: Wendy J.

May: Michelle P.

April -Eva S.

March – Michelle P.

February: Rhonda S.

January: Michelle P.

December : Crystal G.

November: Michelle P.

October #2: Lori C.

October #1: Eva S.

September: Susan E.

August: Michelle P.

July: Kyla F.

You may vote each place for one artist only in a 24 hour period. Vote by clicking on the links below. You will receive one chance for each vote. Please hit the email link associated with the where you voted for us.

All of the voting sites below allow one vote per computer per day. Thank you for voting for Holly’s Folly.

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Top List Ranking
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Email Me if you voted at Lampwork Top Site List. Email Me if you Pinned something on my site. 
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Extra Chance to Win!
Email Me if you voted / pinned  EVERYWHERE!
I’ll give you one extra chance per day if you vote in all six places!

If you need to contact me for any other reason than voting, please use the “Contact” Button.