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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Tool Sets

Mini Tool Set

6 Piece Jewelry Tool Set with Case

The basics in a set: Wire Cutter, Round Nose and Flat Pliers (pointed end).

Mini Tools (Photo shown at left) are great to carry in your purse and come with a blue cotton pouch. $8.85

The Large Three Piece Set (not shown) is the same tools, but regular sized, no pouch. 11.65 ($11 + .65 shipping surcharge)

Large 6 Piece set with Black Case contains: Flush Cutter, Flat Nose Pliers (squared end), Needle Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers, Tweezer/ Scoop & Bead Reamer. $23 ($22+$1 extra on shipping).

Mini Tools $8.85


Large 3 Piece Set $11.65


Large 6 Piece Set W/ Case $23


Bead Tool Extras

Little Extras to make your beading life easier (L -R, Top to Bottom):

Bead Scoops – two piece set: A long slim curved scoop and a tweezer witha flat scoop on the end. $4.35

Bead Reamer – to clean and widen bead holes. $4.35

Tweezers – three piece set: Cross action grip, flat tip and fine point. $4.35

Jeweler’s Screwdrivers – 6 piece set: 4 sizes of flats and 2 Phillips in tiny jewelry sizes. $4.35

Please NOTE: 35 cents has been added to the cost of the tools to allow for heavier shipping. If you purchase multiple tools, I use flat rate boxes to save you more.

Bead Scoops

Bead Reamer



Bead Nabber – Seed Bead Picker Upper

The Bead Nabber – Perfect for picking up tiny little beads. 4.00