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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Purple Passion | Long Skinny Focal Glass Bead

Purple Passion – Long skinny focal. This photo is taken in sunlight and has NO color correction at all! Bead is darker in natural light but still stunning! 67 mm x 11 $18.

Regal | Mini Glass Bead Focal

Regal – MINI FOCAL glass bead made from a lavender purple base and swirled with silver rich purple glasses 28mm x 9 mm $8.



Photo below taken in natural light:

Rio Ribbed Rounds| Glass Bead Set


This set of Rio Party color beads is now MADE TO ORDER. A color reaction between a rare, no-longer-made glass and two more common highly reactive glasses. There is no predicting how the colors will develop but a riot is pretty much guaranteed! You will find baby blue, purple, lavender, burnt orange, golden yellow and teal in these. I still have a few vials of the precious glass left but when it’s gone… The party will be over!

The five bead set is a smidge under 3″ long. The smaller pair are about 3/8″ and the larger three are around a 1/2″. $27.50 As always you will receive a photo of your actual beads before mailing!

Chakra Colors | Glass Bead Set


The colors of the chakra can be used for meditation or in yogic practices. It is believed that – by concentrating on a color corresponding to a specific body part, healing can be achieved. The colors and their representations in the body are:

Red = Base Chakra
Orange = Sacral Chakra
Yellow = Solar Plexis Chakra
Green = Heart Chakra
Pale Blue = Throat Chakra
Dark Blue = Third Eye Chakra
Amethyst = Crown Chakra

While these beads were made with meditative intent, they can also serve as just a happy rainbow of colors on your bracelet or necklace.

These 7 Big Hole Glass Beads are a basic donut shape and measure 5 mm hole to hole x 12 mm wide. $56.00for the set of made to order beads. The Pandora is not included.

Basket Weave | Glass Bead Focal

I’m trying to make smaller focals… A struggle for a gigantic bead lover like me. ;0)

Rectangular bead, brown basket weave base with lavender flowers and vine cane design. Slightly different on both sides. 20 mm hole to hole x 15mm x 10 mm thick. $4.00

Water Lily Glass Bead Art Necklace

This is a really stunning, eye-catching necklace! It was one of my Art Bead Scene entries last year and you can read about it here. I often keep things that took me considerable time and effort just to admire them. I often don’t feel I’m “ready” to part with them  but… a girl has to make a living.

In addition to the water lily focal and lily pads – made by me, this necklace features a variety of green, pink, purple and blue handmade lampwork beads by a number of other artists. There are almost 100 genuine Swarovski crystals and a smattering of Bali silver and E beads. This piece was inspired by the painting Water Lilies by Monet. The perfect gift for a woman who loves fun, unique jewelry and art! $145.00

Water Lily by Holly's Folly

Purple Tiger Glass Bead Pair

Two lampwork glass beads in a purple tiger pattern. These are mesmerizing. 3/32 hole. 10 mm. $10.00

Purple Star Ring Kit – Glass Beads

This listing is for a ring kit featuring one of my lampwork glass beads. The bead is a purple star-shaped disk bead measures 6 mm tall and 18 mm wide. To read more about the rings and what you will be getting, READ THIS LISTING.

Sterling Silver wire and Bali Silver bead included. Just wrap into a ring OR…

$13.00 or I will turn it in a custom sized ring for you for $6.00 more.

Purple Ring Kit 2

This listing is for a ring kit featuring one of my lampwork glass beads. The bead is a purple disk bead measures  4 mm tall and 15 mm wide. To read more about the rings and what you will be getting, READ THIS LISTING.

$13.00 or I will turn it in a custom sized ring for you for $6.00 more.

Purple Wire Wrap Ring Kit

Kerry Kester Bogert is one of THE most inventive lampworkers / jewelry designers / artists I’ve never met. I talked to her online and she’s one sweet and generous lady. She wrote an article on making rings with wire and glass for Step by Step Wire last summer [sold out 8-( – Drat!]

But if you’ve ever made wire wrapped rings, you can figure this out.

This is a Make Your Own Ring Kit. I’ve made a change or two to Kerry’s idea. I used sterling because, it’s a harder wire and because I find it stays clean and shiny longer. I start out with 7.5″ of 20 gauge sterling. I melt a ball on one end and add a small Bali silver finding and one of my art glass beads. I protect the bead from the heat of the flame and ball the other end. I polish the wires to make them shine.  The bead may still slide off the end without the Bali silver but will slide right back on… this won’t matter once you make your ring.

The purple bead is 4 mm hole to hole x 14 mm wide.

Kit Example

Silver balls on both ends

Simply use a ring mandrel to make the ring to your size. $13.00 Or I will make it for you for an additional $6.00.

And be sure to check out Kerry’s fabulous book!