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How to Wear Big Hole Beads

People often ask me how to wear the big hole beads. These are actually some of my favorite designs to wear because of their no fuss / no muss attitude. I like easy when it comes to my jewelry.

So, I keep several chains around in every color and length. In my jewelry box at the moment, I have:

Silver Slider Chains (See Accessories Page) in 18″ & 24″
Gold Slider Chains (See Accessories Page) in 18″ & 24″
Leather necklaces (Coming Soon) in 18″ and 24″
30″ & 36″ Metal chains in silver and gold colors

I find these the lengths are versatile with everything I wear. I can simply pick out a few beads, slide them on and be out the door.

As I started making more and more large hole beads, I quickly discovered that I had the best view of the bead, looking down on it and I really wanted others to see it so I came up with this way of wearing them.

I thread my chain through one bead (in this case, a heart), close the clasp and then slide a big hole down the whole chain. The main focal serves as a “stop” bead. Pretty cool, huh?

Another fun thing to do with Big Hole Beads – if you have curly hair or wear dreads (dreadlocks): Wear them in your HAIR! Check this out:

As you can see, you don’t have to be a Pandora / Troll / Biagi lover to wear these fabulous colorful handmade gems! You have lots of other options for wearing big hole beads