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My Etsy Shop

I sell holiday glass beads, Made to Order lampwork and older beads in my Etsy shop.

Silver Plated Cone Clasp

Great for ending kumihimo and bead crochet, this cone clasp is silver plated. 6.2 mm inside diameter. Hook section is 25.1 mm long and eye section is 16 mm long; connected they are 30.5 mm. .35



E Beads | Premium Colors

Premium E Beads used in Holly’s Kumihimo Classes – 25 gram packages $1.50. Don’t forget to check out my basic colors as well!

Copper – CP Gold Lined Irid – GL Silver Lined Irid – SL



Gold Lined Irid

Silver Lined Irid

Enter NUMBER of desired packs beside the color!

Kumihimo Disks | Square and Round

Small Disk is 4″ – great for smaller beads or small hands. Large disk is around 6″. The Square disk makes square tubing (remember the lanyards from scouts???) or flat friendship braids. I ran out of daylight but will add sample photos below tomorrow!

Small Kumihimo Disk $2.50


Large Kumihimo Disk $5.50


Square Kumihimo Disk $5.50


E Beads | Basic Colors

E Beads used in Holly’s Kumihimo Classes – 25 gram packages $1. Don’t forget to check out my premium colors as well!

Black – BK Black Lined Yellow- BY Blue – BL Blue Irid – BI
Burgundy – BR Gold – GL Green Irid – GI Gunmetal – GM
Irid (over clear) – IR Pink Irid – PI Red – RD


Enter NUMBER of desired packs beside the color!

Black Black Lined Yellow Blue Blue Irid Burgundy Gold Green Irid Gunmetal Iridescent Clear Pink Irid Red

Bobbins for Kumihimo


BobEEZ Bobbins are perfect for Kumihimo or bead crochet. You can unspool thread with ease while keeping beads locked inside the spool. Or open the spool and free up and inch or so of beads to work with. Shown closed and partially open in the picture.


Available in large and small sizes / 2.5″ or 1 1/7″ diameter. 8 per package. $3 – $4. NOTE: Due to the size of the item, extra shipping may be required. You will be notified of your actual shipping costs before your credit card is billed!

Large Bobbins $4.00


Small Bobbins $3.00



If you have trouble getting your initial wrap of S-Lon cording to stay put, slice a notch in your Bobeez with your wire cutters as I’ve done here.  Just know that your cord may get hung up in the that spot when unwrapping… but to me it’s worth it to know my beads aren’t going to come flying off my bobbin!



S-Lon Cording

Super Strong and durable cording for Kumihimo, Crochet, or other beading projects! $2.75 / 77 yard spool

Black – BK Brown – BN Capri Blue – CB Chartreuse – CT
Cocoa (Gray) – CC Copper -CP Coral -CL Dark Lavender – DL
Dark Red – DR Evergreen – EG Lavender – LV Magenta – MG
Natural – NT Navy- NV Orchid- OR Wine- WN

This is heavy Nylon cording, #18 or .03 mm in diameter.

Enter NUMBER of desired spools beside the color!

Capri Blue
Dark Lavender
Dark Red